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Meadow Brook Elementary

Rochester Hills, Michigan

Budget: $2500

"Total number of students - 429 Student age ranges – 4 - 12 Student social-economic status - Average Races and ethnicities – white, African American, Hispanic, Asian, and multi-racial The school is located in a suburban area about 20 minutes from Detroit. The students at Meadow Brook Elementary would benefit from: • learning about bio-intensive, bio-sustainable, organic gardening methods. • learning about good practices for water conservation while gardening through the use of rain barrels. • learning about healthy living concepts, such as incorporating more fruit & vegetables into their daily diets • having the opportunity to work in the gardens and donate their time and effort to help those in need Also, the less fortunate in the greater Rochester area would benefit from having the opportunity to get fresh produce that they might not otherwise be able to obtain."

"Meadow Brook Elementary would like to install several raised garden beds through “Raising Rochester” . Raising Rochester is a local community garden program that provides fresh produce to the less fortunate in the greater Rochester area. This project will allow the students to learn about sustainable organic gardening methods, while helping those in need. In addition to installing the garden beds we would like to install rain barrels, to teach the students about water conservation while gardening. Finally, the program will benefit those in need by providing them with produce they might not otherwise be able to obtain."

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