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William Penn Charter School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Budget: $2500

William Penn Charter School (Penn Charter) is a pre-K through 12 independent Quaker school. Founded by a charter from William Penn in 1689, it is amongst the oldest schools in the country. We have 963 students, 29% of whom self-identify as students of color. Located in the East Falls neighborhood of Philadelphia, the school draws students from eight counties and more than 100 zip codes. 35% of our students receive financial aid. Our school is guided by Quaker principles, which include a focus on stewardship of the environment. To this end, our school is keenly interested in improving our environmental footprint and teaching our students to be thoughtful, careful stewards of our natural resources.

If we are awarded a grant, we will spend 100% of the money purchasing new, consistent dual trash/recycling bins and creating appropriate signage. This would be the start to the school maintaining a consistent look and message for all trash and recycling policies. In addition to simply drawing more attention to our recycling program, a new bin system will greatly simplify our practices. In turn, this will make training of students and faculty/staff much easier to do every year. Reducing the amount of waste that we send to a landfill (by properly diverting recyclables) is part of our overall goal of reducing our school's environmental impact. This would also help highlight the "reduce, reuse, recycle" message we try to impart to our students. Furthermore, our desired outcome is measurable, given that we will conduct our waste surveys at least once a year as part of the Green Cup Challenge. We are currently reporting our survey results to the student body, but will be doing much more reporting and discussion as the year progresses.

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