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Moriches Elementary School

Moriches, New York

Budget: $2138

Moriches Elementary School is part of the William Floyd School District and home to 920 hardworking and delightful students. Students are in Kindergarten to 5th grade, and range from ages 5 to 11. 58.1% of students receive free or reduced lunch in the building. There is a very diverse population of students within our building. 46% of students are Caucasian, 34% are Hispanic, 15% are Black or African American and 5% are Asian or American Indian decent. Students speak English, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu and Chinese.

"Moriches Elementary School is looking to implement a school-wide recycling program for its students. This school-wide recycling program will be a hands-on, interdisciplinary learning experience that will educate our students about the environment, personal responsibility, community action, and solid waste management. The goal of this program is to impact our students and their families to recycle both in school and at home. We are hoping to start this program and hopefully have it catch on throughout the building and school community. The building administration, teachers and staff have formed a “Green Team” which is initiating this project with a subset of a student “Green Team” which will help to recycle and beautify our school community. The students are going to take a leadership role in helping to recycle in the building as well as help clean up our school grounds. The student “Green Team” has volunteered to utilize some of their recess period to clean up trash outside on the playground and recess field. They would do this on a weekly basis. We are also looking into planning a school garden to help promote increased oxygen and give us food to consume as well. The students on the “Green Team” are discussing the logistics of this project. During morning announcements, facts about recycling and the environment will be read to the students and they will be learning about recycling vocabulary and reading nonfiction texts about the concept to increase awareness. Once we purchase the 32 gallon recycling containers for each classroom, students will utilize them for paper and cardboard items. They will also put their plastic and cans in the yellow cans in the lobby and cafeteria. Our goal is for students to take this learned material and transfer it into their home lives as well as into their futures as they become productive members of society as young adults. We plan to share the amount of paper we have recycled in a display throughout the building as a visual motivation for our students as well as a celebration of their accomplishments."

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