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Samuel Mickle School

Mickleton, New Jersey

Budget: $2500

Located in a semi-rural area of Gloucester County, Samuel Mickle School serves over 640 students in grades 3-6. These students reside in the towns of Mickleton, Clarksboro, and Mt. Royal. Our students come from varied ethnic backgrounds including Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino and/or Korean heritage. Some of our students and their families are bilingual and speak Spanish, Chinese, and Tagalog.

Our school is looking to install native plants that are sustainable to the local ecology, and educate others on sustainable gardening. We also would like to honor by planting several trees as memorials. We will encourage the community and local groups to help with the installation (for example the local high school's ecology club, or Boy and Girls Scouts). Many teachers plan to use the Wild Site to build leadership/character skills and peer relationships. We are excited to help our students understand what hard work and dedication it takes to make things grow, and give students who have not had this experience new opportunities. We are a farming community, and this would be a wonderful way to demonstrate our pride in our local farmers.

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