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John Story Jenks Elementary School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Recycling Education and Practice
Budget: $2246

J.S. Jenks is a district K-8 neighborhood public school with a diverse, urban population of approximately 500 students in Northwest Philadelphia. We are an urban school with a substantial low-income population, so it is difficult for students to make connections with their outdoor environment and it is a struggle to encourage healthy outdoor activities and lifestyle choices.

Our Green Plan: A recycling program that will be fun and convenient for the school and users of the playground. The program would consist of containers for the classrooms, offices, and playground, plus transfer bins for securing the recyclables for pick-up. We also will create educational materials for each classroom to be posted by the recycling bins to illustrate what is acceptable for the bin and basic information on what it means to reduce garbage output. The goal is to see at least 20% of the garbage reduced. Students will monitor the progress by continuously estimating the ratio of recycling collected to the garbage produced. This step will give students valuable mathematics lessons and a tangible sense of what recycling can accomplish at a local level.

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