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C.W. Henry School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Recycling Education and Practice
Budget: $1500

C.W. Henry School is a K-8 Philadelphia public school. The principal and teachers are dedicated to providing a quality education and often go above and beyond their job responsibilities. Established in the spring of 2010, the C.W. Henry School PTA has sought to put C.W. Henry students first and to provide them with a safe and attractive learning environment where we enrich their educational opportunities and support the teaching staff as best we can. In support of these goals, the PTA has created the Henry School Garden Project which is turning sections of the schoolyard into outdoor learning spaces where students participate in hands-on learning. The school has active support from neighborhood residents, businesses and organizations.

Our green plan has expanded the current school garden project with the input of students, teachers, and parent volunteers. While we remain committed to transforming our schoolyard into areas for outdoor learning, we have also identified the need to make recycling a regular practice school wide. The new school wide recycling initiative is a clear next step of environmental education and awareness. As part of the PTA’s priority setting process last spring, school wide recycling was identified as one of the top three priorities of both parents and teachers. The proposed initiative is focused on both recycling and reusing.

For the recycling component, every grade from Kindergarten to eighth grade will participate, with the fifth graders as leaders/captains of the program. Each classroom will be equipped with recycle bins and several larger transfer bins will be placed strategically around the school for easy collection of classroom recyclables and transfer to the curb for pick-up. The initiative will be kicked off in the spring with an all-school assembly and will continue ongoing with weekly pick-ups. The recycling will be incorporated into curriculum that is available to all students of C.W. Henry.

The reuse component of the project aims to create an outdoor classroom using green and recycled items. We plan to revitalize an unsightly and unused area on the Henry campus and make it an attractive space for students learning about environmental and recycling education, science, and math. It will become the center for the school wide recycling initiative. Students will actively participate in planning and implementing the project including making benches, bird feeders, vertical gardens/planters, etc. from reclaimed/recycled materials. The space is ideal for housing planters for starting seeds in the spring and monitoring their progress until they are hardy enough to be transferred to the school garden. In this way the project will help to sustain other environmental efforts at the school. Project activities and impact will be promoted via internal school communications, the PTA’s email, website and Facebook, and through local news publications including The Shuttle and Mt. Airy Patch.

Goal Achieved!
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