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James Rhoads School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Land Beautification and Eco-conscious Food Supply
Budget: $1562

James Rhoads Elementary School is located in West Philadelphia, with approximately 609 students in grades K through 8. In our community, it is common to see vacant lots that are overgrown with weeds and littered with trash. In our very schoolyard the only portion of land that isn’t paved over is overgrown and littered with trash.

Our Green Plan: Called ‘New Roots for Better Fruits’ the program is designed to empower our youth to be confident that their positive choices and actions can impact not only their individual lives but the lives of everyone in an entire community. Physically, we would like to see new, edible vegetation in our school yard that will benefit needy; elderly people and serve as a testament to our students and all who pass by, that in this community we can PRODUCE good fruit! What was present: violence, low self-esteem, lack of accomplishment, trash, waste, and weeds. All that has passed and what will remain is the new life, new growth, and new nourishment that was always available. We will like our youth to walk away from this program with a strong sense of accomplishment, confidence, and obligation to do better for themselves and the welfare of others in addition to new applicable skills and critical thinking needed to be resourceful and successful in higher education and the workforce.

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