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Boyd H. Anderson High School

Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

Budget: $1400

The total enrollment of Boyd Anderson high school is approximately 2070 students. Usually the students range from an age of 13 - 19. A staggering 71% of the total student enrollment is economically disadvantaged and 98% of the population is a minority. These minorities include, but are not limited to, Asian - Pacific Islander, Hispanic American, Native American and African American, with African Americans composing most of the school population. Boyd Anderson is a multilingual school. Its students speak differing languages, such as: Spanish, English, Haitian Creole, Jamaican Patois, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese and Japanese. The school is in the city of Lauderdale Lakes, as such the city will benefit from the green beautification project that is under consideration. The project may even extend further out into the community. It is relevant to mention that Boyd Anderson resides in a predominantly impoverished area, such a project would have a unifying effect on not just the community of BAHS but also Lauderdale Lakes.

Our proposed Green Project is a butterfly garden. Butterfly gardens are extremely beneficial to the environment because of the symbiotic relationship they maintain with the plants they visit and their preferences for organic, native habitats. There is no denying that butterfly habitats provide intriguing natural settings through the colorful appeal of the flowers and insects. By creating the butterfly garden we will attract the youth within our school. We will then have the capability to instill greater awareness of the environment and a better understanding of our role in preserving natural habitats throughout our student body. The whole point of this project is not only to help conserve our environment, but to encourage conservation of our resources and promote environmental awareness which is what our desired outcome is. As a member of my school's environmental club (Save What’s Left) my motto is knowledge equals power equals change. With the knowledge I get from the Green project I plan to take the work and continue it outside of school starting right in my backyard.

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