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John B. Kelly School

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Budget: $2245

Kelly has approximately 800 students in grades K-5. The student population is 90% African American, with a similar number low-income. There are no ESL classes, with very few non-native speakers. All students live in the Southwest Germantown neighborhood, with the majority walking to school. Though there are a number of private and charter school options available nearby, Kelly is where most young people in the neighborhood attend. This offers the opportunity to engage our youth in developing a stronger sense of stewardship about their neighborhood.

"The Green Project will take place in two areas: 1. Recycling initiative: Each classroom will be challenged to recycle the most each week through designated bins in their classroom (already in place). The bins will be collected and weighed on a regular basis by student members of the Kelly Green Team, under the leadership of Science teacher Naomi Carter. Prizes will be awarded to winning classrooms each quarter. Total recycling amounts will be displayed in the school foyer and kept up to date by the Green Team. In an effort to reduce total trash in the school generally, recycling and trash bins will be placed in the school yard and cafeteria areas, monitored by the Green Team, so that a separate account can be kept of the amount recycled from lunch and recess periods. (There are currently no trash bins or any effort to recycle on the playground.) Information will be developed by the students challenging parents and families to join them in the effort to eliminate trash from our sidewalks and improve recycling efforts. Finally, the ""Clean it up and Recycle"" effort will be advertised both inside and outside the school with large banners and posters. 2. Kelly Student Garden: Students are currently using water bottles in bathroom sinks on the far side of the schoolyard in order to fill watering cans during dry weather. Tools and work gloves are carried even farther from classroom storage space or by garden volunteers from home.. This grant will allow us to purchase a fire hydrant backflow system from the Phila. Water Dept. in order to access the fire hydrant right outside the school gate near the garden to fill barrels already in place. A tool shed will provide immediate access for garden activities on a more regular basis and allowing participation by more interested community volunteers. Early crops will be sold at a ""Kelly Farmstand"" in June. Later crops will be collected by students and families from the Garden Club assigned to various beds, as well as given to the City Harvest program, in conjunction with Hansberry Garden."

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