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Abundant Life Christian Academy

Margate, Florida

Budget: $2500

"Abundant Life Christian Academy (ALCA), in its twenty-fourth year of existence, is located in Margate, Florida, a small urban, South Florida community of approximately 53,000. According to the US Census Bureau, 62% of Margate’s residents are white, 25% black, and 22% Hispanic; the median income for the community is $45,815. Over the past ten years, the Margate area has experience significant change and has become a melting pot of diverse backgrounds. ALCA has a current enrollment of 297 students in Kindergarten through eighth grade and 86 preschool students, beginning with 2 year olds, for a total of 383 students. ALCA serves a student population that is culturally and economically diverse. Our current student population is 49% Black/African American, 33% white, 16% Hispanic, and 2% Asian. A large number of our students come from homes where English is the second language. Additionally, over half of the elementary and middle school aged students attend ALCA through the low-income Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program and another 17% of the students have a documented learning disability. The project will be used to expand an agricultural garden project the school began last year."

"1. Continue the development of the garden on the school premises that will produce both indigenous flowers and vegetables 2. Students will be empowered through the broadening of their knowledge base regarding the natural processes involved in plant cultivation, growth, and general production 3. Environmental goals include the elimination of chemicals associated with the soil preparation and cultivation for the plants, as well as implementation of the natural balance through composting 4. Reach the community via school website and school newsletters with on-going articles and updates of the garden’s progress 5. Possibly inform the community through articles in the community newspaper 6. Invite community leaders to tour the garden with student guides who will expound the on-going processes 7. Expand the size of the garden to include a large enough area so that vegetables can be grown to donate to local families in need and/or local shelters"

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