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George Keverian School

Everett, Massachusetts

Budget: $964

The George Keverian School is an urban k-8 school with 933 students. It is a public school in Everett, MA, an urban area outside of Boston. Over half of the school’s students are African American or Hispanic. The majority of students come from low-income homes with over 80% of students receiving free or reduced lunch. Half of our students speak a language other than English as their first language. The languages students speak include Spanish, Portuguese, Creole, and Vietnamese.

"The George Keverian School seeks to create an afterschool club for 6th and 7th grade students that will research waste production in the US and do science experiments and craft projects using recycled waste products. Having students participate in projects where they repurpose trash and keep items out of the landfill will empower students with the realization that there are ways they can address the problem of too much waste. Students will collect discarded products from the school and community that they will use in their projects. These products will include unwanted clothing, milk gallons, soda bottles, and paper. They will then use these products to create toys, t-shits, and recycled paper. They will also use these products in science experiments. This project will raise awareness about waste production as well allow students to donate unwanted items to be reused. Students participating in the club will get ideas for how they can reuse items rather than simply buying new items. Not only will this have a positive impact on the environment but will also be a valuable skill for students with limited financial resources. Our club will share what it has learned with other students as well as the community. The club will hold a workshop where they will teach one of the crafts to other students and community members."

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