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Parkway Middle School

Kissimmee, Florida

Budget: $2500

"Total number of students in Parkway 1019 Student age ranges from 11 - 15 years 87% of students are on free and reduced lunch The population in the school is very diverse. The languages spoken are Spanish,French,Creole, Russian and Chinese The school population and the community will benefit from the Green Project.The project is aimed at collecting paper and plastic and reducing trash.This when done in turn will beautify the campus, make students take pride in their school,and will make them knowledgeable about recycling."

"The Green Project will teach students the concept of recycling and allow them to contribute to their community. This will incorporate hands on activities that correlate to environmental topics which are taught in the classroom. Students will learn the concept of reusing and reducing and how it affects the environment as they recycle paper and plastic products in their own classroom. My school’s environmental goal is to keep the campus clean and teach students the importance of sustainability and recycling. This is achieved by keeping two boxes in every classroom: one for paper and one for plastic. With these boxes in each classroom students can conveniently recycle paper and plastic products. The outcome is for students to take pride in their community and to be more knowledgeable about recycling. Students will keep the campus beautiful by eliminating trash on the grounds. They will also be more aware of a way to maintain the environment, recycling. The Green Project will sustain if students act at home and involve their parents and the community. On Earth Day (April 22, 2014), the local community will be invited to visit the school and pick up recycled paper and plastic from each classroom with their students. Information stating the benefits of recycling will be distributed and community members will be allowed to use the bins in school to recycle their paper and plastic."

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