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North Allegheny School District

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Budget: $1500

"North Allegheny School District (NASD) is an attractive community (pop. 45,000+) located twelve miles north of Pittsburgh. North Allegheny serves the municipalities of Bradford Woods Borough, Franklin Park Borough, Marshall Township and the Town of McCandless and encompasses a total of 48 square miles. Much of the District is suburban-residential. New housing developments and transferees moving into the area help maintain a steady enrollment. A solid and growing tax base helps maintain economic stability. North Allegheny is the largest suburban school district in Allegheny County. The District is also one of the largest employers in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, employing over 1,000 people. The NASD facilities consist of seven elementary schools (K-5), three middle schools (6-8), and two high schools (one is grades 9-10, and the other is grades 11-12). There are a total of 8,257 students and 1,027 employees throughout the entire district."

"The first step will be to identify an environmental “team” which will be responsible for planning, publicity, and operations. The team would ideally include students, teachers, custodial staff and other key members inside the school. Our next step would be to perform a waste audit. We will take a look at what we are throwing away, and where we have the biggest opportunity to increase our recycling rates (classroom, cafeteria, etc.). We already have the groundwork of a good recycling program laid. Recycling bins are made available throughout all of our schools, and signs identifying what can be recycled are conveniently placed. We really want this project to focus on the how’s and why’s of recycling. To get everyone on board and to create awareness, we will begin with a kick off. Our environmental team will visit each of our schools (elementary, middle schools and high schools) and explain to them how they can help with recycling efforts. A public awareness campaign will be implemented throughout the school district to educate students and staff how the program works and encourage participation. Key messaging will be developed and utilized via the internal announcement system, and newsletters and local media outlets will be used to highlight successes and best practices. Training sessions will be held for teachers, cafeteria workers, and custodial staff, along with our environmental team, on what can and cannot be recycled and why. As the program continues throughout the school year, we will continue to monitor our messaging and educational efforts. Half way through the project, we will complete another waste audit. We will use this audit to see if we need to alter any of our messaging, or revisit some of the information we have distributed. As program milestones are reached, we will publicize the successes throughout the school. For example, calculations of the environmental impact of our efforts, or, the collection of a substansial amount of material. The goal of the project would be to increase our school district recycling rate by a certain percentage, which will be determined post waste audit."

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