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Springfield Township Middle School

Oreland, Pennsylvania

Budget: $2365

"Springfield Township Middle School serves over 500 students in grades six through eight ranging in age from 12 to 14. Our student population includes the following in race and ethnicities: 70% white, 10% Asian Pacific Islands, 17% black and 3% two or more populations. Forty nine students are eligible for a free lunch and thirteen students are eligible for a reduced price lunch. Our school is located in Oreland which is part of Montgomery County. The community of Springfield Township and Montgomery County will benefit from our project because of the positive impact the project will have on the environment."

"Compost collection pails will be placed in the cafeteria. Students will be instructed beforehand, where and what is acceptable in each clearly labeled pail. Students who have volunteered to help in the composting project, will then remove the compost pails to the larger composting bins located outside of the building. These containers will then be monitored through out the year by students and teachers to see when the compost needs to be aerated, watered, and harvested. This project relates to our school's environmental goals. The school has a green initiative through school-wide recycling, a ""Green Team"" that promotes green initiatives, a geo-thermal heating/cooling system, and now a new goal-composting. The intended outcome is that this new set of recycling skills will teach a younger generation how to dump less than the approximately 5 pounds per person per day of waste they currently generate. By composting, students will learn about sustainability, so as adults they won't take more than they can return to the earth. We will share the work of our program through the school newspaper, the school website, the local newspaper, and most importantly, by students bringing home the knowledge they learned about composting at school and start composting at their own home."

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