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Margate Middle School

Margate, Florida

Budget: $2500

"Margate Middle School has 1372 students of which 459 are in 6th Grade, 463 are in 7th Grade, and 450 are in 8th Grade. Students are in the age range of 11-15 years old. Of our 1372 Students, approximately 80% are eligible for Free/Reduced lunch: 710 are black, 529 are White, and 348 are Hispanic. Margate Middle School is located in the heart of South Florida, between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale. It is located 30 minutes from local beaches and the same distance from the Everglades. The location of the school would be perfect for any environmental program/project impacting both types of ecological environments. Margate Middle is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) magnet school. It is one of six STEM Magnet schools in the county, and welcomes students from outside of its boundaries to be part of the program. The school currently has 3 after school programs (School is Cool, JFK Tutoring, and ASPIRA. Margate Middle currently has 36 business partners, a PTSA, and over 40 registered volunteers which help our school."

"Our proposed Green Project has two components. The first addresses how our students can think of new ways to recycle objects. As students work together with teachers, as a community, we will discover some established ways to recycle as well as find new ways to recycle other “everyday objects”. Students will then create different forms of communication to be shared with the community. This will include but not be limited to flyers, PSAs and other informative materials. Our media will be shared through local magazines, websites and newspapers but also sent as a pamphlet to the homes of our community. The second part of our program will help increase the opportunities for students and staff to recycle here on campus. We are looking to obtain and maintain the use of blue recycle bins specifically designed to recycle paper (through the use of paper slits in the top of the bin), as well as bottles (which would fit into round openings in the bins). Sustainability would be in conjunction with our local recycle agencies to assist with maintenance and pick-up. These two aspects will not only show the youth how important it is to recycle, but it will also allow for their creativity in recycling as well as the ability to see that they can make a difference with this initiative. The desired outcomes is to increase our knowledge and practice as a community of how we recycle."

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