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Keith Elementary

Cypress, Texas

Budget: $850

Keith Elementary is located in the community of Fairfield in the small town of Cypress, Texas. Our school serves 859 students of which 73.7% are Caucasian, 12.8% are Hispanic, 6.2% are African American, 4.4% are Asian, and .1% are Native American. 10.7% of our students are economically disadvantaged. Our campus serves students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade and is a district cluster site for students requiring special education services through L.I.F.E. Skills and Adaptive Behavior. Keith currently has a garden and outdoor classroom where students receive bi-weekly garden instruction. Because Keith is located in the center of the neighborhood of Fairfield, the community benefits from access to our community garden as well. We believe this extension of our existing Garden will enable us to expand our current services to students and the community.

The greenhouse I am proposing will be a stand-alone structure that can be assembled on site with standard household tools. We will ask for parent volunteers to assist in the initial set up of the structure, and then students will participate in the planting and arranging of vegetation inside. It will be large enough for a group of 7-8 students at a time to be inside, and others can interact with the garden. To empower youth and invest them in this project, we can allow students to vote on vegetables and plants to grow. A primary focus of our school is healthy eating, so a year-round greenhouse can allow this goal to be recognized. Another of our school’s main areas of focus is brain-based learning, which states the value of living green plants in classrooms. By growing our own plants, the greenhouse would support this goal and save money on purchasing greenery for classrooms and other common areas. An additional outcome would be that kids in the school will see the benefits of their work and feel ownership in their learning environment. While we are sure the students will be very excited to spread the word, we will also be posting updates of the greenhouse through the Cougar Connection and our Facebook webpage.

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