Get your neighbors to sign up for our Recycling Rewards Program. They'll earn up to $170 a year in rewards value* and we'll give you a $5 Target Gift Card for every one that signs up!

Get your neighbors to sign up using these tools:

Here's How to Get a $5 Target Gift Card:

  • Successfully refer a new member to join our Recycling Rewards Program. If you get a new member to sign up but their city doesn't participate in recycling rewards, you'll still earn 25 points.
  • Use the share tools above to make sure they're signing up with your unique referral URL.
  • Check your mailbox: as soon as the members you referred are confirmed, we'll mail the gift card to you!

*Based on average Recyclebank curbside program member in 2014. Individual member performance varies significantly based on a range of factors including program- type and community.